Can I buy something that is not in the store?

If you have seen a product and don't know who is selling it or you know who sells it but you don't know how to bring it to your country, let us know! we can search and find a way to ship it to you and give you a final price. 

Do you have free shipping?

For now, shipping is free to all the countries we work with.

Are import taxes from my country included in the price of the product?

Usually, when products have a price less than 30US$ they don't pay import taxes in customs. Anyway, if the products is retained by customs, we are not responsible of any trouble involved with or the taxes that have to be payed to let product arrive to it destination.

How much time does a product takes to arrive to my home?

Our products usually take to arrive about 20 to 35 days to their destination. anyway, there might be some exceptions, but the buyer will be notified always. If the product don't arrive, we give all your money back.

How can I Pay?

You can pay with PayPal, Webpay, Wire Transfer or Caja Vecina. After we recieve the proof of payment we ship the product inmediately with the any specification that are needed.

What warranty has my product?

As we told before, if the product does not arrive to the destination we are going to return all your money to you.

Is there any possibility to return the product?

It is not possible to return the product, What we offer you as a solution in the event that the product arrived defective, is different from the description, has a different color to the one you had requested, among other reasons. is to return the money or wait for a new product that we will send to you.

What do I do if the product that arrives is not the one I ordered?

As we mentioned before, yo have to contact us right after you notice it so we can carry out the pertinent procedures and return the money or resend the product you requested. 

How can I be sure that the sizes in a product are correct?

Once you have purchased your product we will contact you to provide the necessary data of measurements before we send your product and ensure the correct size.